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Enter the new era of connected competitions.

It is clear that technology has become a fundamental part of the development of sport and with Engarde, we work to bring constant innovation to this world of fencing that we are all passionate about.

Engarde has become the heart of connected competitions as we have been able to:

A screen that allows to visually transmit the information via DiapoEngarde and ShowPiste
Video replay is at the heart of what we do.
Perfect for improving performance or helping difficult refereeing decisions in real-time.
Video Analysis improves sporting performance by providing detailed interpretation of video content.
Video analysis provides personalised reports and statistics on your sporting performance.

Do you know about the latest news?

A month ago, in February, we were in Barcelona announcing new features that will surprise you. Our main interest is to innovate with technology that has a positive impact on the world of sport and that is why we have important announcements that you should not miss. 
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